Disney On Ice: Dare To Dream!

In Dare To Dream!
you will jubilate and rejoice at what’s possible at the adventures of 5 of your favorite Disney heroines as they inspire the courage inside us all! You’ll experience that all at Disney On Ice presents Dare To Dream!  See how far Moana will go in her Disney On Ice debut when she embarks on an exciting and adventure filled voyage with demigod Maui to save her island, become a way finder and so importantly find her own identity. Anna’s love for her estranged sister Elsa sends her on a fantastic voyage to rekindle their bond, and prevent an eternal winter. 
Rapunzel escapes out of her tall tower and teams up with someone no one would have guessed … Flynn Rider as she goes to above and beyond to realize her dream. With only her courage to protect her, Belle makes friends the enchanted castle’s staff and learns that shouldn’t judge anyone by looks alone … only then is she able to see the Beast is more than meets the eye! Then, Cinderella with a little help from her friends and a bit magic, Cinderella is determined she can make the wish in her heart come true. Who better to host this amazing show than Mickey and Minnie? You’ll all find out why no dream is too big when we find the strength to form our own destiny when watching Disney On Ice presents Dare To Dream!
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