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Basketball - College (Div I-A and Div I-AA)


What makes college basketball a huge spectacle is that people tune in not just for the love of the game. Rather, they watch the games for the sake of the school’s and community’s pride. Thus, it is no wonder why gyms are packed with supporters during games. When the home team wins, expect a party atmosphere after the game. When they lose, it seems like you are in a funeral.

In college basketball, it’s hard to change allegiance. You stick with a school because you went there or because you are living in the town where its campus is located. In that case, it’s not only the champion team that celebrates. Rather, they have everyone back home feeling like a champion too. This bond between the team and the fans can’t be bought. It is a legacy that will go on through all generations.

Because of which, you might find it hard to find a game ticket to the conference games and the NCAA Basketball Championship Tournaments as well In Division I, there are 32 conferences where 68 participating teams will be chosen. In Division II, there are 23 conferences. The schools under these colleges have one dream: to become a national champion. Follow the journey of your chosen team by scoring game tickets. When March Madness comes, these tickets are hard to come by.


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