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A little bit about professional Baseball ... Historians will have contradicting claims as to when Major League Baseball formally started. Some say that it was in 1876 when the National League was formed. However, there are those who trace MLB’s roots to the formation of the Cincinnati Red Stockings in 1869. Despite the conflicting statements, no one will refute that baseball is America’s pastime. Just imagine how many generations of fans do MLB teams have forged together. Just like a marriage, these fans stick with the team through thick or thin.

At present, there are two leagues in MLB: National and American. Each league east, west and central divisions and each division is composed of five teams. All Major League Baseball teams play 162 regular season games. The division champions and a wildcard team will proceed to the playoffs wherein the champions of both leagues will eventually play in the World Series for the MLB Championship.

Indeed, it is a long season and there are a lot of games to catch. It is best to look out for rivalry games because it brings out the best in both teams. Whether you are a die-hard fan or a visiting spectator, you must buy tickets to the best seats in the house. Otherwise, it will be taken by others just like how a pinch runner steals bases.

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