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Hi Folks … Ira from here. I just wanted to tell you that should you ever have any issues or concerns that need to be addressed you can contact us directly at 866-843-5042 from 8 am central to 9 pm central. Or just click the contact button to send us a note about what we can help with and get a reply.

We’ve been in business over 12 years and the few issues that have arisen have always been resolved to the customers satisfaction. We care about our customers and aren’t looking to make just one sale … we want you to be happy and use us for all your ticketing needs.

We have strict guidelines in place for any broker listing with us to ensure they provide  the tickets as listed and the high quality service we expect for our customers same as we expect for ourselves when we are customers. Perfection is the goal we strive for but we are after all only human … on rare occasions something doesn’t go as planned and our customer service is there to make sure it’s resolved.

An important note to folks that haven’t bought tickets online before … since this is where some confusion has come from. We are a secondary ticket marketplace … meaning we list the inventory of many brokers who price their own tickets, they are not at “face value” since the brokers are in many cases paying over that themselves and are at market price. This is no different than any of the other online ticket sellers. The secondary ticket market is very crowded … we do our best to offer competitive pricing and excellent inventory.

•• Ticketmaster and LiveNation are the “frontline” sellers they do sell at face value. This is very important to understand when buying tickets on or any other site online. Secondary market ticket seller’s inventory is not “face value” tho when on same day of events they will at times drop prices below “face value” to make sure they sell their inventory.

Over the 12 years we’ve had to explain this to people who had gotten upset because they didn’t understand why their tickets said $xx but they paid $xxx for them. It’s completely understandable that if someone isn’t familiar with the secondary ticket marketplace … we just hope they will give us the opportunity to explain before they post angry reviews about being “deceived”. That is absolutely, positively something we at have no interest in doing to our customers.

Please … If you ever have questions we are always happy to answer them. Learning about buying tickets online before you actually make a purchase will lead to a much better experience. Our goal is to make you happy by doing a good job serving you. We treat customers the way we want to be treated …

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